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August 30, 2017: Andrew Hackard At Fan Expo!

Fan Expo

This Labor Day, Munchkin Czar Andrew Hackard is invading Canada at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, August 31 to September 3. If you're a Munchkin fan, this is the show for you!
Andrew will be attending multiple panels, and if you're lucky, he may have some upcoming 2018 Munchkin sets to playtest as well. Look for him in the open-gaming area between panels. 
I've also heard that if you bring Andrew some Canadian snacks, he'll be super nice to you. So just bring some ketchup chips to be safe. [Ed. note: Don't do this. Ketchup chips are evil. -AH] He also likes to be called Andrew "Tundra" Hackard.* Hopefully, he'll see you at Fan Expo! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

Warning: This is not true. Call him "Tundra" at your own peril. 


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