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August 31, 2011: Post PAX

Munchkin Axe Cop demo at PAX Prime 2011 As Tycho says, it usually takes days before the experiences at PAX can be fully assimilated into our consciousness. Of course, we need to capture as many initial impressions as possible, and that's what we use Flickr for. Phil is the primary image recorder of note, with a few shots of my own thrown in for good measure. Others in our crew had cameras; once we've recovered enough to return to the office, I'm sure we'll be updating that photo set.

We'll be sitting down, as is our custom, to a festive meal later this week to celebrate the accomplishments of PAX. The participants will gather and literally compare notes on what went right, what went wrong, and what we can do better. "Get more sleep" is likely to be on several lists.

If you attended PAX Prime, we hope you had as fantastic a time as we did. If you visited our corner on Level 2, we doubly hope you were entertained, but we'd love to hear all kinds of feedback. E-mails to paul@sjgames.com or posts in the Conventions section of our forums will be equally well-received.

You will, of course, see us in Boston next March, but you might want to pass your notes along before then.

We couldn't have done that which we did without the eager assistance of our local MIBs, the Enforcers, and our staffers who decided to trade their normal desk job for hours of shouting game instructions. Thank you, one and all -- your efforts are appreciated!

-- Paul Chapman

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