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August 31, 2015: Announcing Munchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition

Munchkin Fu cover

When we were first working on Munchkin Fu, John Kovalic, our usual artist for all things Munchkin, had a lot of stuff already on his plate and couldn't do Fu. The slacker. Anyway, we got webcomic illustrator Greg Hyland to make art for the game, and it was good. He did some fantastic illustrations, and we shipped a Munchkin set full of wire fu wackiness.

Well, when we were cooking up the idea for the Munchkin Guest Artist Editions, we remembered that, and we talked to John about showing us his take on Munchkin Fu. He thought that was a great idea (and so did we), and the result is Munchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition, with illustrations by John Kovalic!

So now you can see the Guest Artist Edition lineup starting to take shape, but rest assured that we still have some surprises in store for you. "What surprises?" you ask.

Well, that would be telling. I'm afraid you'll just have to wait.

-- Brian Engard

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