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December 2, 2012: New From Atlas Games -- Once Upon A Time 3rd Edition

Once Upon A Time 3rd EditionLooking for an awesome game to play with the family? Look no further! Atlas Games brings you Once Upon A Time 3rd Edition! The award-winning storytelling card game encourages creativity and collaborative play. The 3rd edition features all new artwork, a revised cardlist for better play, a redesigned box (also with snazzy new artwork!), and simplified rules for quicker learning!

Create-Your-Own Storytelling CardsMake your Once Upon A Time 3rd Edition game even more interesting with Create-Your-Own Storytelling Cards. 38 story cards and 17 ending cards in this set all have blank faces, so you can add your own inspiration and imagination to the game. Just use permanent marker on the faces and let your fancy fly free!

Both items are now available through Warehouse 23!

-- Liegh Hegedus

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