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December 1, 2012: I Need A Vacation

Now that Ogre is (mostly) through design and production, it is time I take a break and recharge. I need a good three or four weeks off to completely refresh my batteries, but for now I'll have to settle for taking a week to enjoy a cruise to Mexico. What this means is that I'll be out of touch with the office and the world the week of December 3, during which time I'll have to count on Andrew and Sam to keep a special Munchkin [REDACTED --Andrew] moving along and working its way to print. I wish that I could say more about the [REDACTED! --Andrew], but for the moment it is such a legendary secret that even this post is likely to draw some raised eyebrows in the office. [Ya think?!? --Andrew]

To direct your attention from the whisperings of a new Munchkin [REDACTED!!!! Cut it out, Phil! --Andrew], I'll suggest you keep an eye on the @SJGames Twitter feed where we sometimes leak information about things like Easter boosters for Munchkin. And while you watch the Twitter feed, I'll relax on a big ship and be as lazy as possible.

-- Phil Reed

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