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December 4, 2016: International Games Day 2016 Library Was A Hit!

International Games Day @ Your Library recently took place, and we've been getting a ton of reports and thank-you notes from across the country! We wanted to take a moment to say "thank you" to every library for providing such an immensely important service to the community. Promoting not just literacy, but community space, events, adult education . . . the list goes on. The fact that you keep our games in your collection to introduce to new gamers, and help grow game groups, is an honor.

International Games Day International Games DayInternational Games Day

Get inspired by these pictures, and visit your local library to find out about the next International Games Day and how you can help. If your library doesn't participate yet, let them know about it so they can contact International Games Day for more information. And don't forget, you can visit your library year round for not only awesome reading material, but gaming, too! Organize a game night at your local library; they'd probably be happy to help!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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