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December 2, 2016: Ogre Miniatures Set 1 Tramples Kickstarter Goals

Ogre Miniatures Set 1

Ogre Miniatures Set 1 rolled through Kickstarter as if it was a defenseless Command Post, leaving mangled metal in its wake. Not only did the project fund, but it crushed all expectations, beating our final stretch goal by almost $5,000! It was an incredible show of support from the Ogre fanbase, and now we get to start the fun stuff! We have loads of plastic miniatures to make, plus the other awesome Ogre games and supplements coming this year and next.

For those who missed out, we will have preorders available through BackerKit, but we also want to direct you to your friendly local game store. The standard color sets will be available through retailers when they release next year. And stay in touch with your store, because we've got a ton of stuff planned for Ogre!

Ogre Sixth Edition, previously scheduled for January release, is now available for preorder, and will ship to retailers before Christmas! Talk about a full-metal miracle. You'll want to get it now and start playing, because in January, we'll be starting up Ogre Organized Play at your local game store. Ian and Josh are working hard to get the program off the ground, so talk to your local store now! And retailers can signup for our Ogre Launch Kit, to be shipped in February

This has been a fun, stressful, and rewarding month for me in particular, and I want to thank everyone for their support of this project. Now it's for Steve to look at the feedback and think about Ogre Miniatures Set 2 . . .

-- Hunter Shelburne

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