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December 5, 2009: The Most Mysterious Holiday

Today, December 5, is a unique holiday, in that "stealth" is a major part of the celebration. Some call it "International Creep Like a Ninja Day;" others refer to it as "Sneak Like a Ninja Day."

We'll always know it as the Annual Day of the Ninja.

So don your mask, creep from the shadows, and show those Talk Like a Pirate Day yahoos what a real made-up holiday looks like. If you're not in the mood for stealth kills or smoke bombs, how about Ninja Burger Secret Death Touch Edition? Delivering burgers might not be the first ninja activity you think of, but it's on the list -- believe me, I checked.

(And if you fear your enemies will use the cards as deadly weapons, may I suggest the soothing digital files of e23's Ninja Burger RPG offerings?)

Of course, if your tastes run to the more passive entertainment, I understand ninjas are making an appearance at your local cinema. Alex reports "it's a good ninja movie."

-- Paul Chapman


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