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December 9, 2009: Nanuk Unboxed!

Nanuk cover

The latest in our series of unboxing videos has been uploaded to our YouTube channel. This installment features Nanuk, the game of boasting and dooming we've been talking about quite a bit lately. (By the way, a container of the game arrived in our warehouse last week, so Nanuk will be hitting the shelves of your friendly local game store before the end of the month.)

What's an unboxing video? The idea came from the tech industry, where early adopters -- you know, the guys who stand in line for hours to grab the newest cell phone/music player/AR widget -- open their new toys and show all of YouTube what's in the box. It works for boardgames too. Let's face it: Having a ton of cool components can get you off the fence on some games, but you can't see them all on the store shelves. Our unboxing videos can't put the pieces in your hands, but they can give you a better idea of what's inside that shiny box.

For Nanuk, we sat Will down with a copy and had him talk about each component. Then we edited out the extraneous babble (Will likes to talk -- makes him a great demo guy, but brevity? Not really), added some stills, and now you can see it here.

Nanuk is shipping from our warehouse now, but if you can't wait, it's available on Warehouse 23.

-- Paul Chapman

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