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December 16, 2009: Christmas Countdown!

Retailers are gleefully reminding me that my traditional Yule procrastination has rendered me with less than two shopping weeks before the biggest gift exchanging date of the year. In order to share my stress, I pass said warnings along to you, the loyal readers of the Daily Illuminator. You may chose from the following responses:

  • What? Where did this year go?
  • Silly man, I finished my shopping weeks/months ago.
  • Bah humbug! I'll hand out cans of store-brand diet soda like I do every year. That'll teach 'em!

If you're looking for a last minute gift, check out Warehouse 23's holiday page for ideas. Or just browse Warehouse 23 -- the Mini-Chibithulhus in particular make excellent stocking stuffers.

However, if you're reading this after December 18, a) you're really scrambling for a last-minute gift, and b) Warehouse 23 has already closed down for the year! Might I suggest hitting our GURPS bibliographies pages? They're all linked to Amazon for quick and easy purchasing of the reference and inspirational material the authors and editors used while working on the book. It's a great short-cut: "I know Toby likes GURPS Space; maybe he'd like Revelation Space."

-- Paul Chapman

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