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December 6, 2006: Changing Times Available On e23!

Just released - Transhuman Space: Changing Times for GURPS, Fourth Edition on e23!

(Actually, it was released last night - a record-breaking number of sharp-eyed vigilants have already noticed and purchased their copy - but roll with me on this one.)

Changing Times is a GM guide, campaign book, and GURPS Fourth Edition conversion for Transhuman Space, written by Phil Masters (author of GURPS Discworld, Transhuman Space: High Frontier, GURPS Arabian Nights, and many other favorites of mine).

Neither utopia nor dystopia, Transhuman Space is a place of hopes, fears, and new frontiers - Changing Times lets you explore it in Fourth Edition!

Try out the 8-page preview, and then get your copy!
-- Thomas Weigel

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