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December 7, 2014: Knit Fast, Die Warm

Tools of the trade.

I'm a geek and I knit.  I mentioned it in my first DI, I think, but with the holidays coming, it's starting to take over my life as I try to catch up on all those knitting projects I thought would be great holiday presents.  I mean, they WILL be, as long as some of my family and friends are okay with Christmas in June.  Maybe I'll send the presents as Very Merry UnChristmas surprises or something, because unless I suffer from some sort of mutant-knitting-superpower-incident, it ain't happening.

With that in mind, I'm still looking through the internet and finding SO many cool, geeky, fabulous patterns that are calling my name.  (They're mostly drowned out by the sound of my husband telling me I don't need more yarn, but some days it's a close call.) If you're a geeky knitter, or happen to know one, a geektastic pattern or book might be a great gift idea. Here are a few I'm putting on my Christmas list!

Knitted Star Wars!

Knits for Nerds! Oh, man, I neeeeeed this, mainly because I need to have SOMETHING to do while waiting for The Force Awakens to get to theaters.

An Rd-D2 beanie!

Wise you will be, if knit this you will.

For the Whovians out there:

It's bigger on the inside!  A gorgeous Tardis scarf pattern with the ubiquitous blue Police Box.

The Dr. Who scarf, with season-specific links!


Just plain COOL:

It's a fish hat, but it's up to you whether it's a live fish or a dead fish.

A dark mark scarf from the Harry Potter universe.

Or maybe I'll brush up on my colorwork with this Wonder Woman sweater!  I would SO WEAR THIS.  Now I just have to get good enough to make it.  

I could knit up an Old One!  
Or maybe find a dragon to train!
Or we could aim to misbehave?
Perhaps a Death of Rats for that special someone on Hogswatchnight?
I could spend all day digging up more patterns!  But I'll leave you to you own devices and a link to the Ravelry search page.

Enjoy, and remember "Knit fast, die warm!"

-- Jennifer Atkinson



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