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December 7, 2021: Nordlond Bestiary And Enemies Kickstarter Ending Soon

Thanks to a surge of support, the Nordlond Bestiary and Enemies Book funded on Dec 2. Now it's all about the stretch goals!


Bestiary is 144 pages and growing!

Crushed a stretch goal! The Norðlondr Óvinabókin is now 144 pages long. From here out, every $4,000 gets 16 more pages, with the next goal at $42,000 for 160 pages. This continues until 240 pages and $62,000.
For the The Fantasy Trip fans out there, if we beat that, at $73,000 everyone who pledges $15 or more gets a PDF of all the monsters, but converted for use with that system!

Foundry VTT Support Announced



Thanks to a lot of work and cooperation by Steve Jackson Games, "Nick and Nose," and the Foundry VTT, Gaming Ballistic is thrilled to include Foundry VTT support for the Bestiary monsters in the VTT Pack add-on!
The campaign is really taking off. There are enough people following to get the job done for 240 pages and more . . . if they pledge.

Please Pledge!

This book is the fantasy Bestiary we GURPS fans – and I'm absolutely one of them – have been asking for since 2004. Hardback. Full color. Optional use as doorstop or bullet-resistant panel (though you might want to buy several for that) remains to be seen. But this is it, and we're down to the last few days.

-- Douglas Cole


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