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December 24, 2021: Prices Increasing January 1 On Various PDFs

Prices for PDFs have remained pretty consistent for a loooooooong time, with few price adjustments in my time managing our downloadable supplements for the past decade-plus. Sadly, the forces of inflation have proven too much, and we need to nudge up our prices on some of those releases.

Come January 1, 2022, prices on many of our PDFs will be increasing. We've tried to keep this as modest as possible  just $1 per item.

This increase affects:

At this time, we're not increasing the prices of GURPS Fourth Edition books that began as print items: the Basic Set, GURPS Banestorm, GURPS Infinite Worlds, etc. We're also not increasing the prices on bundles . . . so if you want (say) the complete Pyramid Volume 3 bundle or the Pyramid Classic Bundle, they'll technically be an even better deal next year.

We're also taking the opportunity come January 1 to unify our PDF prices across the board. Prices that previously ended in .95 or .99 will be rounded up to .00  which will hopefully make things easier for our fans and business office alike.

If you've been on the fence about buying some of our fine downloadable offerings and want to save a few bucks, consider doing so before midnight, December 31. (And if, by January 2, you see an item that seems like it should have had its price adjusted but wasn't, feel free to drop me a line.)

-- Steven Marsh

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