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January 24, 2022: Hack & Slash Second Printing And New Retail Price


The second printing of the Hack & Slash game is currently on a container ship and expected to reach our primary warehouse next month. As previously announced, several games and expansions are seeing a price increase this year, and Hack & Slash is one of the affected titles. At the moment, the suggested retail price of the game is $19.95. That price is changing to $24.95 on February 1, 2022, making this your opportunity to add this fast-playing card and dice game to your library before the realities of the world push the price up to the new MSRP.

The second printing of the game also includes a new bonus bit of game content: solitaire rules! No need to wait for the new printing, though, since we're packing these same solitaire rules for the game in many Warehouse 23 orders. Or, if you wish, you can download the solitaire rules as a free PDF today.

You can find Hack & Slash at your favorite local game store, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and many other places where our games are sold. If you're a retailer who would like to add Hack & Slash to your selection, please check with your distributor or contact retailers@sjgames.com to arrange a direct account.

-- Phil Reed

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