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January 31, 2022: Knightmare Chess Pre-Orders At Warehouse 23


Out of print for a few years, we're happy to report that the combined edition of Knightmare Chess (both of the 1990s sets in a single box) has reached our primary warehouse and the game is now available to pre-order at Warehouse 23. Skip the after-market prices  which have gotten out of control recently — and add a new, factory-fresh copy of the game to your collection!

You're unfamiliar with Knightmare Chess? You're in for a treat: this game breaks the rules of chess in wild and unpredictable ways. Some cards affect a single move, and some change the entire game. Knightmare Chess plays quickly out of the box, but it also includes variants, and it's easy for players to customize. The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun!

Note: Knightmare Chess requires a working knowledge of chess, and a chess set, to play.

Pre-order Knightmare Chess today!

-- Phil Reed

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