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January 23, 2022: Hexagram PDF Bundle For The Fantasy Trip


Adventures! Monsters! Rules and options! Talking heads in cages! Explore it all, if you dare!

Are you looking for over 300 pages of content for use with The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game? Hexagram, our semi-regular zine dedicated to The Fantasy Trip, is now entering its third year, with issue #9 in the works and coming . . . real soon now. (We don't have an exact date at the moment.) For those of you who missed out on the first two years of the zine's life, we now offer a bundle collecting issues #1 through #8 in a single zip file, making it easy to download the first eight issues at once.

The Hexagram PDF bundle is available at Warehouse 23 and DriveThruRPG, and please don't forget to follow Warehouse 23 on Kickstarter; there's a good chance that issue #9 will be a Kickstarter project, soonish, and you won't want to miss out on adding the next issue to your collection of support titles for The Fantasy Trip.

-- Phil Reed

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