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February 24, 2022: Visiting New Friends At Turbo Dork

One benefit of being headquartered in a city like Austin is our many gaming neighbors, and new ones arrive all the time. Some of our most recent acquaintances are Turbo Dork, who relocated to the Austin/Buda area, and we were fortunate enough to get a chance to check out the office. We met with Meredith and Greg, the co-founders, as well as the team of Jordan and Greg, and learned more about the production process, as well as their creative processes. Steve had a chance to nerd out about 3D printing, a hobby journey he's been sharing on the Daily Illuminator.

Turbo Dork specializes in color shifting and metallic paints, and have provided some for us to try out in the studio. I've actually used them on #SJGamesLive to paint a Car Wars Sixth Edition car during our hobby streams, and I've had great experiences with them on my own projects at home. If you want a unique look to your miniatures, you should definitely check them out. Keep an eye out for more of their paints on future hobby streams as well (did someone say The Fantasy Trip: Foes?).

Thanks again to the team for having us out; we had a blast!

-- Hunter Shelburne


(P.S. from SJ - It is possible that Da Ba Dee, a very reflective shade of blue, is my new favorite color in the whole world.)

Turbo Dork

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