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December 10, 2009: Request For Proposal: Android Munchkin

So: We have the Munchkin Level Counter, and it's very spiffy indeed (and it will get even spiffier when we release the new upgrade, but we're going to let the testers play with it a bit first).

And now Android users are asking "When can we get this?" But it's written in Cocoa Touch, and we can't translate it ourselves.

So we would be happy to consider a proposal for translation of the existing app into Androidese. If you're an Android developer with a munchkiny bent, we'd like to hear from you. Write me at sj@sjgames.com and tell me:

What experience you have. Ideally, we'd pick someone who has already published Android apps which received good reviews.

How long you think it would take you to finish, and what you'd expect to be paid for the work . . . or, if you can't even start to say without more information, what information you need.

Anything you want us to know about Android app creation, marketing, sales, or whatever. Nobody here owns an Android; feel free to educate us.

Anything else you want to say under the general heading of "Pick me! Pick me!"

-- Steve Jackson

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