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December 10, 2014: Help Us Test Promo Codes, Get Great Deals

One of the changes that you'll see to Warehouse 23 now that we're done with our server migration is the fact that the site now supports promo codes. This expands the variety of deals we can offer you.

There's just one problem: we haven't tested it yet.

That's where you come in! In order to test it, starting today and running until Monday the 15th, we'll be making a different promo code available. You'll find the promo codes in the Warehouse 23 News Queue (which is attached to each DI when it runs), and you'll also see the deals on Twitter and Facebook. In addition, each of those days from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Central time, we'll be offering flash sales (which you'll find out about on Twitter, Facebook, and in our forums).

Remember, this is a test of the system. That means that if something doesn't work, the most helpful thing you can do is go report the bug.

-- Brian Engard

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