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December 10, 2020: Playmats For Munchkin, The Fantasy Trip and Ogre

Munchkin Shakespeare: Globe Theatre PlaymatThis might be your last chance to grab the Munchkin Shakespeare: Globe Theatre Playmat before the show closes forever. Or we run out . . .  Experience Munchkin in the round! Or get a boost for your Munchkin game with one of these playmats.

If you prefer cybernetic foes, you can build a huge battlefield with one of the many playmats we have for OgreAnd if adventuring is more your speed, guide your party through a dangerous adventure on our playmats for The Fantasy Trip.


P.S. Don't forget our playmat contest for The Fantasy Trip and Ogre. There's still time to submit your scenario designs! Find the contest details in this Daily Illuminator post. -PR


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