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December 17, 2020: More Pay For Roleplaying Writers

And now for some 2020 news that isn't bad. I am very pleased to report that, effective immediately, we are raising the rates that we offer for GURPS and TFT writing.

Our rate schedule will become a bit more complex, reflecting the relative difficulty of projects. Super-short adventures, the TFT Quick Quests, will pay a higher effective word rate because it's hard to get a whole adventure plot into 2,500 words! Solo adventures will pay more than regular adventures. And so on.

The new rates are:
Hexagram game material: 6 cents a word with a minimum of $50 per published article.
Hexagram fiction: 10 cents a word (thus, SFWA-eligible) –  minimum $50.
TFT Quick Quests (2,500 words): a flat $500.
TFT 12-page adventures (9,000 words): a flat $1,100.
TFT or GURPS longer material (except for TFT solo adventures): 8 to 10 cents per word, depending on the quality of the manuscript. If it needs a lot of editing but shines in its own way, we may accept it . . . but we'll pay at the low end of the scale and tell you how you can improve.
TFT solo adventures: 12 cents per word, assuming we don't have to rework and correct the "program." If we accept a "broken" adventure at all, we will offer 8 cents or less per word, because someone will have to be paid to fix it.

Word counts are based on published material. All these assume that we are purchasing all rights, as a work for hire, for a flat fee. We will continue to offer a royalty option for works of 60,000 words or more.

For much more detail on what we want and how we want it, see our Writers' Guidelines, especially the pages for GURPS and TFT.

-- Steve Jackson

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