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December 31, 2020: Goodbye, 2020

It's time to say goodbye (and good riddance) to the year that was 2020. And the best way to do that is by playing Illuminati . . . 2020! Now that 2020 is in the rear-view mirror, we can all laugh about it, right? Right?! Well, we hope so, because the 2020 expansion for Illuminati Second Edition adds a collection of cards relevant to the year -- in parody and reference alike.

We're acquainted with mocking conspiracies, politics, and events in Illuminati, but never before have things been so buck-wild that we were able to produce an entire expansion three-quarters of the way through a year, about that very same year. 2020 was just that bizarre. You can pick up Illuminati 2020 on Warehouse 23 (our online store), and make sure you have the matching base game, Illuminati Second Edition, which features updated references that also bring it into the more modern era of the last decade. 

Here's to a safe, and hopefully sane, 2021! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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