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December 11, 2009: It's Game Day!

We're doing another of our notorious Game Days today. For us, that means a ton of games. We've even got celebrity guests -- well, Ross and Fred, anyway. Unlike Halloween Game Day, there won't be costumes, but I'll get some shots of the meeples and minis in play.

Today's not the best day to call or email us. We will deal with what you send, but we'll be much slower than normal. Warehouse 23 won't be processing orders, but e23's army of electron-sized monkeys will continue to deliver PDFs in their traditional nigh-instant fashion.

And as a reminder, the office -- including Warehouse 23 -- closes for the rest of the year on Friday, December 18. That's just one week from today. If you have any last-minute purchases you want to make, do it now!

-- Paul Chapman

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