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December 12, 2017: Our Vanishing Supply Of Munchkin Holiday Grab Box(es)

Holiday Grab Box

It's the holidays, gang, and that means it is time to find gifts for your favorite person . . . yourself! Wait. No. Stop. I'm being told that this festive time of year is about gifts for others. So it is best to focus on finding gifts for your favorite person . . . you, on Christmas morning! After all, a future version of yourself is a totally different person, right? Makes perfect sense to me. (This may be why I am not invited to gift exchanges.)

Fortunately, we know exactly what you want: lots of loot! And that's why we assembled the Munchkin Holiday Grab Box and even larger Munchkin Santa-Sized Holiday Grab Box. Each of these is a giant mailer box loaded with Munchkin loot; it was thanks to the support of your fellow Munchkin collectors that these crates of cheer were created and released into the wild. We've mailed hundreds of these boxes already, and we're watching the shelves empty out as Christmas grows closer and closer, meaning that there will be a sad day not too far in the future when all these boxes are gone.

Exactly what loot is packed into each box? That would be telling. Every box is randomized, though, so even if we gave you an itemized list of what is in one box, there's no guarantee that a second box would have identical contents. It's a surprise, so jump in with both feet and load down your favorite person – you, remember? – with Munchkin gear for the holidays! I suppose that you could give one of these boxes to a friend, but if you do, make absolutely certain that your friend invites you over to play Munchkin on Christmas Eve. It's the last chance to do something nice before Santa shows up . . .

-- Phil Reed

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