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December 16, 2017: Crowdfunding Focus: Dork Tower!!!


Those of you who came to John Kovalic's work through Munchkin or Chez Geek may have noticed a little bug on some of the boxes that says "Dork Tower" and wondered what the heck that is.

Dork Tower actually predates both of those games. Back in 1998, John started drawing a funny little strip about a game group and their hijinks. Those of you who can math have figured out that this makes next year the 20th anniversary of DT, and John has decided to celebrate in the most 2018 way possible: he has set up a Patreon to help give him the space to get back to writing and drawing DT.

Go here and check it out. You can get some really cool rewards, and you'll be helping one of the nicest people in the business.

-- Andrew Hackard

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