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December 15, 2005: Ouch

Many boxes have been packed, and we have now entered the exciting "tear stuff down to make the move easier" phase. Today's (yesterday by the time you read this) victim was the last wall of the old miniatures casting area. It went down without incident, except for the power driver that dropped off a ladder onto my head -- hence the title of this post.

It's always amazing how quickly really nasty work goes when everyone pitches in. In particular, the guys in Production have given me a few minutes here, and a few minutes there, and it's made a world of difference. Thanks guys!

Thursday (today to you, tomorrow to me) will be the craziest day. Everything that didn't get packed and labeled over the last week must be taken care of. And while I think we're ahead of schedule, I've grown to expect the unexpected.

Friday? Friday may be crazier still, but that's a worry for tomorrow....
-- Paul Chapman

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