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December 6, 2005: Back In The Saddle

With great gratitude to Steve Sopko for flying this thing for me for the past few months . . . Wow, is that a mixed metaphor, or what? Unless, of course, the saddle is on a pterodactyl.

During Sopko's watch, we searched for, negotiated for, and bought a great new building; I got about a half-year ahead on game design; and we got our staff onto the same page about GURPS for the next few years, and planned out some very interesting new products. And Sopko personally picked the brains of the whole creative staff and produced a flowchart that describes what we REALLY do when we create a game, and how to do it best.

At any rate, I have learned a lot, and I'm once again the place where the buck stops. Steve Sopko remains very interested in the entertainment business in general. If somebody out there is looking for a consultant to sort out a game company, I can strongly recommend him.
-- Steve Jackson

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