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December 30, 2005: Random Gripes

Not only can you not find real wood paneling at the big-box home improvement places, the quality of the fake paneling they sell has become laughable. Most of it is pictures of wood, glued to heavy cardboard. What comes next? The word "Wood," rubber stamped poorly onto paper towels?

We are having unseasonably warm and dry weather. Parts of Texas and Oklahoma have already burned. On New Year's Eve, a significant portion of the population is going to be firing off bottle rockets ANYWAY, and when the sun rises on January 1, the odds are good that the southern border of the USA will be a blackened crisp on the edge of Kansas.

The jerk who nails diet-plan signs to the neighborhood utility poles has a longer ladder than I do.

After all my complaining about days having only 24 hours, they are going to add one second to the end of one day at the end of the year. That isn't even a token response; that's mockery.
-- Steve Jackson

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