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December 17, 2009: Stocking Stuffers!

Since tomorrow is the last day Warehouse 23 will be open in 2009 -- end of year inventory plus holidays equals no one around to process orders -- I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone of some of the "perfect for stocking stuffer" items we carry.

  • Mini-Chibithulhus. These cute little guys look great peeking out over the top of a stocking, or snuggled in the boughs of the Christmas tree. And by "great," I mean "madness inducing, but in a good way."
  • Kill-O-Meter. It's wide enough to cause some interesting bulges in the stocking, but light enough not to pull it off the mantle. Plus, it's for Munchkin!
  • Bag O' Babes and Bag O' Munchkins. A stocking filled with little Munchkin Quest pawns? How can you go wrong?
  • Munchkin Dice. Pretty things for Christmas? Perfect. As a bonus: the plastic packaging can be recycled into a ramp for remote controlled vehicles.
  • Munchkin Christmas Coins. For just two bucks, you can put a little Munchkin jangle into the jingle-jingle-jingle of the holidays.
  • Any of the Munchkin expansions. Let's face it: The person you're getting a stocking stuffer for likely has a Munchkin game. Get them the expansion! (Unless it's Munchkin Impossible or The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin -- then get them Munchkin Blender.)
  • EIP pins. With over 30 color patterns to chose from, you can promote your favorite gamer to the Illuminati department of your choice!
  • Pyramid Mugs. Drinks taste better when the vessel is decorated with the eye in the pyramid. Although this may be a little heavy for the stocking proper, it still is perfect for a "little gift."

And don't forget the Munchkin Christmas Cards! We've got two different designs for all your munchkiny friends.

-- Paul Chapman


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