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December 17, 2013: Are Your Heroes Nude?

GURPS Loadouts: Low-Tech Armor

No, your heroes probably aren't in the buff... but that doesn't mean they've been dressed as well as they could be! GURPS Loadouts: Low-Tech Armor builds on the foundation of GURPS Low-Tech (and GURPS Low-Tech: Instant Armor) by presenting 40 ready-to-use armor loadouts, each with precalculated statistics (including total cost, weight, and don time) and notes on the protection they provide. It offers bonus information on rhinoceros-hide armor, Roman "scale mail," horse barding, and more. It also delves into new possibilities for expanded hit locations, historical information and context about the gear presented, and more.

Whether you want to play a Bronze Age chariot archer, a Viking raider, a Crusader, a Japanese Samurai, or any of dozens of other possibilities, GURPS Loadouts: Low-Tech Armor will offer you historically accurate gear as quickly and painlessly as possible. We did the shopping so you can do the chopping!

-- Steven Marsh

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