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December 18, 2009: Zombie Dice Demo -- Online!

First screen of Zombie Dice Flash Demo

Braaaaaaaaiiiiiins! Zombie Dice is at the printer now, and should ship in March. We've gleefully given you all kinds of talk about what's in the game and how much fun it is to play. For an actual demo, however . . . well, you'd normally have to wait a few months for that.

But today, thanks to the Miracle of Technology, Justin has created a nifty little Flash demo. You'll learn how many dice to roll, what to look for, and why shotguns are bad. With vocals by the local zombie horde -- we included subtitles, since the undead don't enunciate very well -- you'll know how to play Zombie Dice in just minutes.

-- Paul Chapman

Reminder! Today is our last day in the office!

Not to panic anyone, but today is our last day in the office for 2009. We will endeavor to deal with every email and phone call we can, but as the afternoon wears on, more and more staffers will be slipping out for last-minute shopping, or to get a head start on the drive to Grandma's house.

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