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December 1, 2021:
Freight issues continue to cause trouble. Unfortunately, it's part of the world we live in and all we can do is adapt and deal with the changes as they hit . . . read article

December 2, 2021:
This Thanksgiving, one of the things I realized I was most grateful for is my team — and our ability to once again get out there and show off our hard work on the great games you've come to expect from Steve Jackson Games.   At PAX Unplugged, on December 10-12, we'll be in booth 2934 to show you Car Wars Sixth Edition, Munchkin Russia, Hack & Slash, and more . . . read article

December 3, 2021:
Welcome to our monthly Kickstarter report! We post regularly to our various Kickstarter campaigns, and this Daily Illuminator post exists as a summary of our overall status when it comes to Kickstarter projects . . . read article

December 4, 2021:
Although the majority of our Pocket Box titles were not offered to distributors, we are happy to report that we're now taking steps to include the Pocket Games — and many expansions — as a part of our Amazon third-party store. The classic Car Wars Pocket Box game, easily the most popular of our 1980s Pocket Box titles, is now available at Amazon . . . read article

December 5, 2021:
Steve was recently interviewed by the Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games (CAR-PGa), and the video is now live on their YouTube channel to check out. It's a robust interview with a lot of discussion on not only our own games and upcoming projects like The Fantasy Trip Foes Kickstarter, but also the state of games as a whole, and what comes next . . . read article

December 6, 2021:
If there's one thing that no gamemaster can ever have enough of, it is monsters to use against the unwitting adventurers who won't stop sticking their noses into subterranean death traps. Fortunately for The Fantasy Trip gamemasters in the audience, we've opened the Old School Monsters hardcover to wide release at our online store, Warehouse 23. Old School Monsters includes 55 monsters from the oldest of old-school games, compiled under the OGL, and translated to The Fantasy Trip by Steve Jackson himself. in addition to descriptions and game stats, this hardcover also includes die-cut counters for the monsters and 56 dry-erase monster cards you can shuffle into your Decks of Destiny collection . . . read article

December 7, 2021:
Thanks to a surge of support, the Nordlond Bestiary and Enemies Book funded on Dec 2. Now it's all about the stretch goals!   Bestiary is 144 pages and growing!   Crushed a stretch goal! . . . read article

December 8, 2021:
While Santa may have nine reindeer and a sleigh that can miraculously fly to billions of houses in one night, Warehouse 23 is still beholden to the postal services at our disposal. Therefore, we recommend getting in your orders for holiday gifts by this Friday, December 10, to give them the best chance of making it under your tree . . . read article

December 9, 2021:
Next Monday, December 13, we're launching The Fantasy Trip Foes on Kickstarter, a new STL miniatures project that offers new fantasy miniatures that you can print yourself! Designed for resin printers, the minis were created for use with The Fantasy Trip . . . or any fantasy RPG or skirmish game of your choosing! . . . read article

December 10, 2021:
This weekend we're celebrating the return to one of our favorite conventions, PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, with the reopening of Car Wars Sixth Edition preorders (for a limited time)! This includes all items we have to offer, with preorders set to ship in March 2022 . . . read article

December 11, 2021:
This collection of Car Wars fiction from the pages of Autoduel Quarterly is available in both print and PDF, and is a fabulous gift for the Car Wars aficionado on your shopping list. The holidays are coming faster than many of us realize, so get your order in quickly! . . . read article

December 12, 2021:
You already follow the official Steve Jackson Games Facebook page, but have you joined in this TFT group on Facebook where fans of the game share ideas, discuss rules, and entertain each other with silly finds on the internet? (Mostly related to the majestic octopus, of course.) . . . read article

December 13, 2021:
As the holidays approach, we're doing our best to make sure everyone gets their packages in time, and then we're going to clear our decks so that our own warehouse staff gets some well-earned rest! Make sure to get your orders in now, as Warehouse 23 will be closed from December 20-January 11 for the holidays and for inventory . . . read article

December 14, 2021:
We're no strangers to miniatures, from the classic metal minis to the more current plastic Ogre Miniatures and Car Wars Sixth Edition minis, but The Fantasy Trip Foes explores new ground: 3D printing! This campaign is for a collection of STL files that backers will then be able to print at home on their own printers, or with a printing service . . . read article

December 15, 2021:
It may not be Christmas yet, but we sprinkled some holiday magic around the warehouse and found a way to discount our metal dice! We've marked them all 50% off until December 20, but after that they'll no longer be available . . . read article

December 16, 2021:
Our friends at SAHM Reviews have featured a couple of our recent releases in their Holiday Gift Guide! Scarf-N-Barf, the game of keeping your lunch down as you ride a variety of carnival rides, made the Amazing Family Games list, while Random Fun Generator cracked the Card & Dice category. Thanks to SAHM Reviews for the shoutout!  While we have these and more available directly on Warehouse 23, if you want to make sure you get your games in time for the holidays, check with your friendly local game store . . . read article

December 17, 2021:
The holidays are fast approaching, and Warehouse 23 will be closing from December 20-January 11 so our staff can have a holiday, too! (Well, also for inventory . . . ) This doesn't mean that you can't place an order. but it does mean your items won't ship until we reopen in January.  In the meantime, if you are looking for that last-minute Christmas gift, order a Warehouse 23 gift certificate; they're digital! . . . read article

December 18, 2021:
Is there an echo in here or is it just me? You may have seen my name adorning many tweets and Daily Illuminator posts over the past two years, and even more dating back to my original start back in 2016, but that was technically as Community Manager . . . read article

December 19, 2021:
Metaverse" seems to be a hot word right now. This is not a bad thing . . . read article

December 20, 2021:
Early this year, we ran a preorder for the Munchkin Foam Unnatural Axe, a very limited run for a cosplay or collector product based on this iconic weapon. While Gargoyle Studios is hard at work getting those preorders filled, the axe has been delayed due to supply chain issues with some of the finishing pieces used to make the axes.  It's a stark reminder that the global supply issue is affecting even domestic suppliers, and is still causing problems for all of us . . . read article

December 21, 2021:
The Fantasy Trip is a vast, ever-expanding world of adventures, but getting started isn't hard at all, and it fits perfectly inside a Christmas stocking! Melee and Wizard are the building blocks of the game in small boxes, but don't mistake their modest size for a lack of content. You still get lots of tokens, a map sheet, and dice to start your quest. Melee will get you fighting, taking your heroes and matching them against monsters, or each other, while teaching the basics of the easy-to-grasp combat system . . . read article

December 22, 2021:
Roleplaying games are a creative exercise for many, especially those gamemasters who prefer to jump into the action with as few notes as possible and focus on improvisation over strict adherence to notes, outlines, maps, pre-crafted NPCs, and detailed plotlines. For GMs who enjoy letting the dice guide the action, we have two custom six-siders that will come in handy as you let the dice fall where they may. Question Die - But WHY? . . . read article

December 23, 2021:
As the holiday season overwhelms many of us, we're down to the wire on buying gifts and recommend you visit your favorite local game store today if you're still searching for the right present for your friends and family. No doubt you already know about the ones closest to you, but it would be wrong if we didn't remind you to check our game store finder . . . especially if you're traveling and currently nowhere near your own home . . . read article

December 24, 2021:
Prices for PDFs have remained pretty consistent for a loooooooong time, with few price adjustments in my time managing our downloadable supplements for the past decade-plus. Sadly, the forces of inflation have proven too much, and we need to nudge up our prices on some of those releases . . . read article

December 25, 2021:
To everyone who celebrates, we hope you have a happy Christmas. And no matter what you celebrate, we wish you a peaceful holiday season . . . read article

December 26, 2021:
Released earlier this year and offered through crowdfunding, The Munchkin Dice Tray of Desperate Terror is now at Warehouse 23 for all of you who have been asking, "When can I get that?" This custom double-sided tray has all your favorite Munchkin monsters on the back, while the front features an old scroll motif with monster silhouettes. Oh, and the rule . . . read article

December 27, 2021:
In the deepest part of a labyrinth, or guarding the lair of an especially powerful mage or warlord, you might see skeletons that seem to be made, not of bone, but of living metal that gleams and glints in the torchlight. These are Brass Skeletons.   To create a Brass Skeleton, a mage must start with the intact skeleton of a humanoid warrior . . . read article

December 28, 2021:
Created thanks to the support of Kickstarter backers, the retro-reprint bundle of Ogre games and expansions from the eighties is now available at both our online store, Warehouse 23, and direct from Amazon. This hefty box includes: Ogre Pocket Box G.E.V. Pocket Box Battlesuit Pocket Box Shockwave (bagged expansion) Ogre Reinforcement Pack (bagged expansion) 4 Ogre Pocket Folders 2 empty Pocket Boxes (1 Black, 1 Green) Our supply of the Ogre Pocket Box is basically exhausted, making this bundle (currently) the only way to get your hands on the stand-alone game . . . read article

December 29, 2021:
One of the cool things about a company with four decades of releases is that we sometimes get to look to the past. A few years ago, thanks to your support, we looked deep into the past and reprinted several Car Wars expansions from the eighties . . . read article

December 30, 2021:
The Steve Jackson Games archives stretch back decades into the past, loaded with all sorts of fun information, images, and surprises. When you've been active for over forty years, you tend to hold onto some really fun and unusual stuff . . . read article

December 31, 2021:
2021 was a challenging year for everyone, but we made it through. We here at Steve Jackson Games want to wish everyone a happy New Year, and cheers to a better 2022!  -- Hunter Shelburne . . . read article

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