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December 25, 2010: Last Chance For GURPS Vorkosigan PDF

Last year we released The Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game (aka "GURPS Vorkosigan") in both PDF and hardcover. We took entirely too long to finish the project (my fault; read the foreword of the book, in which I take the bullet). At the end of 2010, our license will expire.

The hardback will remain on sale until the existing copies have been sold, but it won't be reprinted. The PDF version will be removed from the store on the 31st and will, in all likelihood, not be available again. As with other e23 releases: if a registered purchaser requests a replacement copy of the file, we will provide it. But you have only until December 31st to become a registered purchaser.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Vorkosigan universe (which is still alive and growing). We're very proud of the book and very grateful to Lois McMaster Bujold for her help and support during its lengthy gestation. (And check out Bujold's newest Vorkosigan novel, Cryoburn.)

And, changing the subject: Have a Merry Christmas, everyone. You have made me very happy by playing my games, and I hope you are all well and happy and will stay that way for 2011.

-- Steve Jackson

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