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February 2, 2008: Spaceships, In Your Hand

And on your table and atop your shelf and by the cat and . . .

And so on. GURPS Spaceships, formerly a PDF only affair, has recently materialized in our warehouse. It joins an ever-growing line of softcoverified PDFs available from your friendly neighborhood Warehouse 23.

In case our Orbital Mind-Control Lasers hadn't already beamed this into your skull: Spaceships is GURPS Fourth Edition's guide to getting around in the final frontier. It's built to expedite the "playing" part of "roleplaying," so you don't need a degree in astrophysics to get your ship off the launchpad. While it's not as crunchy as you might expect, it still has the same great taste at half the calories!

Hm. I probably shouldn't follow that metaphor through to its natural conclusion, however . . .

-- Fox Barrett

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