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February 28, 2008: GURPS Characters Via e23

We continue to see no evidence that PDF and hardcopy sales interfere with each other.
-- Steve Jackson, Report to the Stakeholders: 2008

And, having watched for two years and seen no evidence of problems, we'll do the consistent thing, which we know will please many fans . . . we will release GURPS Basic Set: Characters as a PDF today, sometime before noon Central Time. Update: it's up now, right here. Campaigns will be released in March.

Despite the digital edition, we remain committed to keeping the print version of the GURPS Basic Set available. "Books on shelves" remain the best way to introduce new gamers to GURPS, and we will continue to support those shelves, both with reprints of popular titles, and with new releases (like this summer's GURPS Thaumatology and the long-awaited Vorkosigan).
-- Paul Chapman

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