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February 3, 2016: Munchkin Comics Available in Warehouse 23!

Comic book fans, rejoice! The first 13 issues of Munchkin comics are available on Warehouse 23 for order today! We're celebrating the 1-year anniversary of our comic from BOOM! Studios by giving fans without a Friendly Local Comic Shop a chance to get the comics direct to their home. Most issues come with either a promotional card, or a special code to get promos through Warehouse 23. We even have the BOOM! Studios exclusive Baylis cover for issue #1, as well as our most recent issue #13.

[Image][Image] [Image] [Image][Image]

Warehouse 23 can get you the comic hookup, but if you have a local game and comic shop, remember to ask about a subscription to Munchkin comics!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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