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February 18, 2016: Munchkin Marvel Edition Q&A With The USAopoly Team

The USAopoly team shared some behind-the-scenes info with Steve Jackson Games on the game development process of Munchkin Marvel Edition, including game play additions, their favorite cards in the set, and the best part of working on the game.

USAopoly Team

From Left to Right, Luke: Creative Director, Casey: Game Designer, Andrew W.: Content Creation Manager

SJ Games: How did you come to assemble Munchkin Marvel Edition?

Andrew W.: We're always thinking about what license would make the next great mash-up for Munchkin, and we try listen to what the fans are asking for. We've been really excited for a while now to explore all the iconic heroes, villains and items in the Marvel Universe and what they would look like as a Munchkin game.

Casey: Yes and the Marvel Universe has such rich content that couples well with the illustrative nature of Munchkin. The two seemed to go hand in hand. I think everyone at USAopoly agreed the combination was a good call.

SJ Games: What's new about the game play for this set?

Andrew W.: We have a ton of new superpowers that give players a fighting chance in taking down some of Marvel's most famous baddies. The game includes player role cards, like the cards we included in Munchkin Adventure Time, that also function as level trackers, which is also really cool. And then there's the Infinity Gauntlet and Gems, but I probably shouldn't say much more about that …

SJ Games: Who is your favorite Marvel character included in the set and why?

Casey: It's hard to narrow it down. I really like that all the characters can interact with others that don't typically cross paths within the Marvel Universe.

Andrew W.: I've always been a big fan of Spider-Man. His origin story is just such a classic. Oh, and also The Hulk, 'cause Hulk SMASH!

SJ Games: What is your favorite card from the set?

Andrew W.: I have two. The first is actually the Monster Absorbing Man. I designed him so that he "absorbs" the material for the table you are playing on as a bonus. I like cards that can interact with the environment to create unique game play experiences. The other is the Steal a Level card Pym Particles. It makes me chuckle every time I see it, with the growing up a level and shrinking down a level!

Casey: I like the Mysterio and Venom Monster cards. The Mysterio one is really horrible if you draw it, but it's really great if you can play it with a Wandering Monster on someone. It's probably the most detrimental card in the set in my opinion.

SJ Games: Have you worked on other Marvel themed games? How was that?

Andrew W.: Yes. I worked on Marvel RISK, which was also a lot of fun but very different from making a Munchkin game. With our RISK games, we are trying to tell a specific story; explaining why various factions are fighting for control of territories on a map. With Munchkin it's a knock-down, drag-out fight to be the biggest, baddest, and best new hero in the Marvel Universe! Both are a lot of fun, but from a game designer perspective we have to be approach them in very different ways.

SJ Games: What was your favorite part of working on Munchkin Marvel Edition?

Casey: Probably getting to browse all the Marvel art and content. It was easy to get lost in their database. The artists are all so talented.

Andrew W.: I'm excited about the core set and both of its subsequent expansions coming out later this year. It was a lot of fun to map out what a whole year of Marvel Munchkin Edition content all at once and to try and put together a program that can really build on itself from one release to the next.


Fan Questions!

@ScyStorm: Are Marvel villians gonna be the "Monster" cards, amidst some more generic Munchkin-type enemies most likely? 

Andrew W.: All of the Monsters are iconic named villains from the Marvel Universe, from Spider-Man baddies like Electro and Vulture to Avengers foes like Ultron and Loki.

@ScyStorm: Does [Munchkin Marvel Edition] use Classes and Powers like Super Munchkin, or is there something new/different? 

Andrew W.: Marvel Munchkin Edition will include Powers like in Super Munchkin. Instead of Classes, there are Team Affiliations, so you can be an Avenger, Spider-Friend, or Inhuman.

@DeuceDM: Will there be X-men!? 

Andrew W.: Unfortunately, no, not at this time, but maybe in an expansion.

@Shad0fx: Will Punisher and Blade make an appearance in the base game? 

Andrew W.: They will not be in the core game, but keep an eye out for them in an expansion . . .


Thanks to the USAopoly team for the behind the scenes look at production. We're excited for the launch of Munchkin Marvel Edition in April!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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