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February 7, 2019: Car Wars Fans, Replace Your Lost Favorites!

We've all had it happen to us at one point or another. A treasured item from our past is lost or destroyed in some manner and forever gone . . . or replaced only after spending too much on eBay. Over the years, I hate to think how much I've spent online and at conventions replacing old toys, books, and games.

Fortunately for Car Wars players, we have a solution that replaces some of the older games and expansions from the '80s with near-exact replicas. Factory fresh! No dust or cigarette smoke. No bizarre odors! 

Pocket Box Games of the Eighties is our ongoing Kickstarter campaign to create reproductions of Steve Jackson Games titles that were first published three decades ago, and we've created a reward level for the Car Wars players who want to get a good deal on a bunch of stuff. New and still sealed copies of a handful of Car Wars games and expansions . . . and the list keeps growing as more stretch goals are unlocked!

At the moment, the $200 reward level includes:

  • Car Wars
  • Truck Stop
  • Crash City
  • Seven Pocket Box games of your choice
  • Shockwave (Ogre/G.E.V. expansion)
  • Convoy
  • Uncle Albert's 2035 Catalog
  • The AADA Vehicle Guide
  • Car Wars Expansion Set 1
  • Car Wars Expansion Set 2
  • Car Wars Expansion Set 3
  • Car Wars Expansion Set 4
  • Car Wars Expansion Set 6

That's a lot of great releases that will give anyone enough Car Wars material to play game after game after game, for months! And with your support, we'll only unlock more to make that $200 reward level even better. Join us, please, and help to bring back these classic games and expansions so that your collection can be restored and new gamers can get their hands on these classics at a reasonable price.

Thank you!

-- Phil Reed

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