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February 10, 2020: Hexgram #4 On Kickstarter Today!

Later today, the newest issue of Hexagram launches on Kickstarter. This zine, for use with The Fantasy Trip, was created last year as a part of Kickstarter's Zine Quest event, and we are proud to bring it back for the second Zine Quest campaign.

This project is going to be kept very simple to make sure we deliver the rewards on time. That means no stretch goals, no physical rewards outside of the United States – and the campaign will close in one week. The last thing we want is to take any action that risks delaying the delivery of project rewards.

For those who missed out on the Decks of Destiny expansion, you will find the "I Want All The Newness" box offered as a project add-on for Hexagram #4. This over-sized box of goodies includes more than 400 new cards, two new playmats, two metal dice, several journals, and much more. (NOTE: The basic Decks of Destiny box is not being offered; only the large "I Want All The Newness" package is a part of this latest Kickstarter campaign.)

Click here for more information!

-- Phil Reed

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