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February 19, 2012: Play Arts Kai Action Figures At New York Toy Fair

One of my favorite booths at New York Toy Fair was Square Enix, with their Play Arts Kai series of action figures. These 9-inch-tall figures have great articulation, incredible sculpting, and tight paint work. Even more important than the style and design of the toys, though, is the fact that the Play Arts Kai series includes characters drawn from sources ranging from Batman to Metal Gear Solid. Now that I own a handful of these action figures (I've been picking these up for a little over a year now), I got even more out of the Square Enix booth than I have at earlier Toy Fairs.

Since many of you couldn't make it to the show to see the Square Enix booth, I've done the next best thing and created a photo set at Flickr. Click through for over 40 photos of Play Arts Kai toys, but don't blame me if you immediately run out and pre-ordered the Armored Batman

-- Phil Reed

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