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February 19, 2014: Munchkin Goes Back To 2010!

You know how there's that ONE box deep in a closet somewhere that's you're afraid to open because you don't remember actually packing it in the first place, and it looks like it might have contained something organic at some point in the not-distant-enough past?

Yeah, that one. We opened it.

Turns out, among the goodies inside were a bunch of copies of the Exclusive Warehouse 23 Munchkin Booster 2010 that we'd set aside for some reason and never got around to using. These things have been going for stupid prices on eBay, but don't pay that, because they're back on Warehouse 23!

A couple of quick notes:

  1. This booster had an unfortunate error on the Attic card contained within. We offered replacements, but we also fixed all the boosters we still had in stock -- so these should have the correct card inside. However, if your card includes the clause, "Before you turn over a new Door card," that means we missed replacing yours, and you can send in for a replacement (details are on the product page linked above).
  2. Don't forget about our Munchkin Booster Promo! You can use the insert from this set as one of the five UPCs needed to redeem the card . . . or order four more boosters at the same time and get the card automatically!

The only bad thing is, when we moved that ONE box, we found more boxes under and behind it, and a couple of those are oozing something . . . so we threw a tarp over them and put up a safety cone. We may get back to that corner of the warehouse . . . by 2016 or so.

-- Andrew Hackard

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