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February 26, 2014: Thank You, Yotel!

Next time you're in NYC, check out the Yotel!

My favorite hotel in the world, NYC's Yotel, launched an amazing New York Toy Fair trip for me when, on the first day of the visit, their staff sent me a tweet asking me to email them. It seems that the Yotel staff were aware of my love for their hotel and they wanted to meet me in person, so that evening I met Cari and Maysoon of the Yotel . . . and was instantly blown away by their friendliness, generosity, and knowledge of just what a toy geek I am.

Check my battlegrip.com post to see the cute little Yotel-branded toy car that Cari and Maysoon gave me, and then visit the Yotel website and marvel at the design of the hotel. Every single time I've been in NYC -- that's three years now -- I've stayed at the Yotel, and as long as they stay as fun and friendly as they've been I'll always check into the Yotel when I'm in NYC for fun or work.

Thank you, Cari and Maysoon, and I hope to see you guys again very soon! (And next time I'm visiting NYC I'll try to get Steve to join me so he can enjoy the Yotel.)

-- Phil Reed

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