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February 1, 2010:
That's right, it's time to take all those boring, unimaginative, normal spaceships of yours and throw them in the fire. Don't worry, it's a pretty big fire, so there's plenty of room for their abundant mediocrity . . . read article

February 2, 2010:
When we announced the +6 Bag O' Munchkin Babes, we said that we planned to include them in a 2010 Munchkin Quest release. It now looks as though we're going to move that particular release off the 2010 schedule, unfortunately . . . which means that if you've been waiting to pick up the Munchkin Babe pawns, you may not want to wait much longer . . . read article

February 3, 2010:
Ninja vs. Pirates is a podcast of interviews with game creators . . . read article

February 4, 2010:
Geekosystem.com has posted a list of 30 Great Gaming Geeks. Not only am I on it - that's cool enough, right there - but I seem to be ranked at number 1 . . . read article

February 5, 2010:
Been holding out for a hero? You and Bonnie Tyler both . . . read article

February 6, 2010:
Last June, Randy drove from Austin to Minneapolis, over to Columbus in time for Origins, then back to Austin. Along the way, he stopped at 17 game stores, where he taught our new games and talked about upcoming releases . . . read article

February 7, 2010:
This upcoming Wednesday, Feb. 10, I'll be at the EFF 20th Anniversary party at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. The MC will be Mythbuster Adam Savage . . . read article

February 8, 2010:
I've mentioned once or twice in these little advertising tirades of mine that we all live in the future now. And while I do enjoy my personal hovercraft and my regular Pan Am flights to the moon, I feel that it's important to take a step back and remember the good things of days gone past . . . read article

February 9, 2010:
We're providing the retailers with point of purchase displays (commonly known as POP) for our new dice games, and we just got images from the printer. We posted them on our Flickr account for all to see . . . read article

February 10, 2010:
Twitter is neat, but 140 characters is too short, and sending eight tweets in a row is cheating. Tweating? . . . read article

February 11, 2010:
Peanut butter and chocolate. Laptops and wifi . . . read article

February 12, 2010:
Nanuk, our highly social game of bluffing and bidding, went through quite a few iterations before arriving at its final form. Designers Mark Goadrich and Brett Myers share their thoughts on the origins of the game, and recount their journey in their Designers' Notes . . . read article

February 13, 2010:
Want to crush everything beneath your treads? Me too . . . read article

February 14, 2010:
Got an iPhone or iPod touch? If not, you're missing out, because NASA -- yes, that NASA -- wrote a free iPhone app that has all kinds of information about past and future missions, including pictures and video . . . read article

February 15, 2010:
All this time travel is getting confusing. Okay, so last week I wrote a bit about about the new Transhuman Space PDFs we'd recently put up . . . read article

February 16, 2010:
I'm at the New York Toy Fair this week (not as spectacular as last month's Hong Kong trip, but fun), and I'm pleased to report that we've got both Cthulhu and Zombies in our booth. And that's a great thing! . . . read article

February 17, 2010:
Once again, Drake Fenwick of Supermegatopia has drawn The Funny with Munchkin characters. Did I say once? . . . read article

February 18, 2010:
With one last run through the exhibit hall, the New York Toy Fair is now officially over. I've packed my bags and will soon head back home to Austin as Randy sets off on the second leg of his great adventure . . . read article

February 19, 2010:
These items are available to your friendly local game store for ordering, and may already be on their shelves. Go! Chez Cthulhu Prepare for an encounter with the most sanity-blasting entities in all the dimensions . . . . . read article

February 20, 2010:
So: We worked on iPhone projects last night, and when we quit, the plan was to do more today. So it's not surprising that I dreamed about an iPhone game . . . read article

February 21, 2010:
Game conventions come in many different types. Some focus on boardgames in an open gaming environment, like BoardgamegeekCon . . . read article

February 22, 2010:
This week I have two products that couldn't be more different. And yet, in three paragraphs, I must try and fuse them together through the power of advertising . . . read article

February 23, 2010:
As mentioned before, the Sanity counters for Cthulhu Dice are a lovely shade of green, as you can see. Since the printer included clear ones in the prototype, we were a bit anxious when the first copies arrived . . . read article

February 24, 2010:
From every single person on Twitter: "omg have u seen teh cupcakes?"  Yes . . . yes, we have. Linked to 'em, too . . . read article

February 25, 2010:
In December, we went a little YouTube crazy. Not only did we upload a festive holiday greeting with a zombie theme, but we also added three unboxing videos to our YouTube channel, and a brief documentary of our experiences at BoardGameGeekCon . . . read article

February 26, 2010:
At the very least you'll get a good gander at it. The cutting edge of neurotheology is the God helmet, a device that lets you peer at . . . well, it's not wholly clear whether you'll see God or Christ or something/someone else entirely . . . read article

February 27, 2010:
The office has been a-buzz this week, putting art and words together, brainstorming crazy ideas, and asking silly questions. What's sparked this burst of activity? . . . read article

February 28, 2010:
The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast is exactly what the name implies: a podcast in which the stories of H.P . . . read article

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