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February 1, 2016:
What's this, what's this? We've got some reviews of Munchkin Christmas Lite and Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas (the latest from our collaborators at USAopoly) that stacked up over the holidays, and we wanted to share them with you! . . . read article

February 2, 2016:
Time to ring in the new year and celebrate the last, with the new releases for the winter season! January brought the start of our biggest series of the year, but we also had some November and December releases you may have missed! . . . read article

February 3, 2016:
Comic book fans, rejoice! The first 13 issues of Munchkin comics are available on Warehouse 23 for order today! . . . read article

February 4, 2016:
Do you have trouble keeping track of your level in Munchkin? Are cardboard and tokens too analog for your technophile liking? . . . read article

February 5, 2016:
Grab your gears, put on your top hat, whack the monsters, and grab the treasure . . . with the power of SCIENCE! Munchkin Steampunk; brings the zaniness of Munchkin; to the pseudo-Victorian steampunk era. Bully! . . . read article

February 6, 2016:
We gave a few of our dedicated MIBs the opportunity to preview Munchkin Guest Artist Edition, and they made videos to show everyone what they thought about the game and components. Kat from GloryHoundd.com has done a few videos for our games in the past, and shows off some of the new card art with her opinion: James and Robert from No Ordinary Gamers gave us a quick unboxing and look at a bit of the board, recorded at Moatcon: Thanks to our MIBs for helping out! . . . read article

February 7, 2016:
Now posted on the forums: not just the announcement, but a PDF of the current state of the rules, so you can help me find errata. http://forums.sjgames.com/showthread.php?t=141479 Congrats to forumite adm for the first issue spotted!  The rulebook is only 12 pages. Turns out the PDF has some spurious pages at the end . . . read article

February 8, 2016:
We've had an amazing response to our Munchkin Guest Artist Edition promo kits, and many retailers are using them to celebrate the release of our first Guest Artist Editions! On Saturday, February 20th, the following game and hobby stores are hosting Munchkin Guest Artist Edition events, where you can come play Munchkin, and get sweet promos like the Nexus Demon card and bookmarks! . . . read article

February 9, 2016:
If you're a Munchkin fan, you already know about our Guest Artist Editions. But what if you could be the artist? . . . read article

February 10, 2016:
We love our cozy Munchkin Dice Bags, and we know players do too. But what if you don't have anything to go in the bags yet? . . . read article

February 11, 2016:
You might not know this, but you have a lot of fellow munchkins in the tabletop gaming industry and beyond! For instance, Ed Greenwood of Forgotten Realms fame is a munchkin . . . read article

February 12, 2016:
You want loot, we have loot! We have a selection of shiny new Munchkin promos to add to your collection! . . . read article

February 13, 2016:
Three J's Learning blog featured Munchkin as a teaching tool for students! Using just the Munchkin core set, the students determined the strongest monster combination, hero combination, and even "toughest" monster to beat . . . read article

February 14, 2016:
The inaugural OrcaCon recently took place in Everett, WA, and an epic Car Wars setup made an appearance! Greg, a local Car Wars enthusiast, has built an impressive 3-D playing area using toy cars as the playing pieces!  The car carnage is turned up to 11 with a setup like that! . . . read article

February 15, 2016:
We're very proud to announce that Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition is now available for pre-order in Warehouse 23! It's time to fire your lasers with all new art from Len Peralta, the man behind Geek A Week trading cards and Munchkin The Guild . . . read article

February 16, 2016:
Finding hidden treasure is fun, but it's also time consuming. There's all the searching, digging, it's an ordeal . . . read article

February 17, 2016:
The past isn't what it used to be; it's better than ever! With Pyramid #3/87: Low-Tech III, you'll have more rules, options, and insight into making your pre-modern GURPS games come to life . . . read article

February 18, 2016:
The USAopoly team shared some behind-the-scenes info with Steve Jackson Games on the game development process of Munchkin Marvel Edition, including game play additions, their favorite cards in the set, and the best part of working on the game. From Left to Right, Luke: Creative Director, Casey: Game Designer, Andrew W.: Content Creation Manager SJ Games: How did you come to assemble Munchkin Marvel Edition? Andrew W.: We're always thinking about what license would make the next great mash-up for Munchkin, and we try listen to what the fans are asking for . . . read article

February 19, 2016:
It's almost here! This Saturday, February 20th, friendly local game stores nationwide are hosting Munchkin Guest Artist Edition Celebration events! . . . read article

February 20, 2016:
Whenever I'm in my Friendly Local Game Store, anyone who is not playing a Steve Jackson game is likely to be playing Pandemic. It has long been a favorite among board gamers, partly because its cooperative nature makes it particularly easy to teach . . . read article

February 21, 2016:
When it comes to crypt-crawling in a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy world, the difference between life and death might hang on how much you've got in reserve with your power item to fuel your spells, powers, and super-secret skills. Fortunately, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 18: Power Items provides you with the upper hand you need to escape with your hard-earned loot. Dungeon Fantasy mastermind Sean Punch is your guide, taking you on an exhaustive look at using, abusing, creating, and upgrading power items . . . read article

February 22, 2016:
Our first Munchkin Guest Artist Edition is flying off of the shelves, thanks to the incredible art of Ian McGinty. You definitely want to visit your Friendly Local Game Store for a copy if you haven't yet . . . read article

February 23, 2016:
This week, some lucky members of SJ Games are basking in the sun and fun of the JoCo 2016 Cruise, playing games with some of the coolest music, gaming, and comedy personalities in the world! But we won't let you guys miss out on the fun announcements being made on the cruise! . . . read article

February 24, 2016:
Whew, what a weekend! Our Munchkin Guest Artist Edition Celebration day was a success, and we have you folks to thank for that! . . . read article

February 25, 2016:
It's always nice to see Munchkin in magazines, but it's even cooler when we can share the page with our friends and collaborators. The January/February issue of Retail Merchandiser features products with our licenses through brands like Funko, BOOM! . . . read article

February 26, 2016:
Spyke's getting center stage in this month's issue of Munchkin comics from BOOM! Studios . . . read article

February 27, 2016:
Every GURPS Dungeon Fantasy adventurer dreams of finding treasure on their quests. And sometimes, those dreams pay off . . . big time. GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Treasures 2: Epic Treasures is a collection of powerful, interesting, and -- well -- epic items, which can form the basis for an adventure or a suitably amazing reward for a mighty deed. GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables author Matt Riggsby presents an assortment of memorable items, including the Sky-Breaking Halberd, the Armor of Perfect Suitability, the Sun Chariot, and much more . . . read article

February 28, 2016:
People who weren't even born when I wrote Munchkin are now playing it. Some of them have beaten me . . . read article

February 29, 2016:
We love our Munchkin Guest Artist Edition artists and we love to highlight some of their other projects, as well as spotlight the new Munchkin editions they have illustrated. So without further ado, let's meet Edwin Huang! . . . read article

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