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February 20, 2019: One-Page Bulge And Kung Fu 2100

Continued support of our ongoing Kickstarter campaign (ending on March 1) has unlocked two more Steve Jackson Games Pocket Box titles from the early '80s: One-Page Bulge and Kung Fu 2100! Creating near-exact replicas of the Pocket Box versions of games means that some long-forgotten games get a chance at a new life. These are from the company's earliest days (both titles were originally released in ziplock bags). Both pre-date my own involvement with hobby gaming (I still say it was a mixture of D&D and Zaxxon [boardgame] that got me into gaming . . . which led me to Car Wars), so both are games I've never personally owned. 

Now I will! And if you join in and help us to unlock even more stretch goals, you can also add these two games to your own collection. Check out the project today! We've been waiting for you.

-- Phil Reed

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