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February 20, 2022: Crowdfunding Focus: The Tremendous Tome Of Decorating Dungeons


Dungeons are an important part of many fantasy roleplaying games, and for those of you who use miniatures in your campaigns, there is little as awesome and fun as a great dungeon layout. Constructing a dungeon can be challenging, so I'm always looking for tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to build a better dungeon layout. That's why it took only a few moments after spotting The Tremendous Tome of Decorating Dungeons on Kickstarter to choose to support the campaign. A book about what dungeon tools are out there – as well as designing and painting dungeons – wasn't something I could skip.

As of this writing, the campaign has not met its funding goal, so it is unclear whether or not the project will succeed. If you're a fan of 3D dungeon layouts, I suggest checking out the Kickstarter page today and joining in if you like the look of the work. Your support may very well be what pushes this book to the finish line and success.

(We like this project enough that we've backed the campaign at a retailer level, so that we can offer the book on Warehouse 23 after the Kickstarter rewards have shipped to backers. But don't wait for us; if you also like the idea, please support the Kickstarter campaign today.)

-- Phil Reed


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