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March 20, 2022: Spyke And Flower Reserve A Table For Two At The Red Dragon Inn

The Red Dragon Inn is the watering hole of choice for parties of legendary dungeon delvers, and sometimes those dungeon delvers turn out to be munchkins. In particular, our own favorite Munchkin characters, Spyke and Flower, have checked into the inn to kick back after a long day of kicking down doors. But with many drinks come many scuffles over the loot from those dungeon dives, and former friends become fast foes as the fists fly! Ah . . . just like home for our munchkins.

The Red Dragon Inn: Allies Spyke and Flower, new from Slugfest Games, is unique in a few ways it serves as an expansion to The Red Dragon Inn but also as its own two-player base game. This makes it a great starting point for The Red Dragon Inn, and a fun way to get a Munchkin-style game for two players instead of the typical three to six.

Take your first step into the world of The Red Dragon Inn with The Red Dragon Inn: Allies  Spyke and Flower, currently available at your local game store.

-- Hunter Shelburne

Red Dragon Inn

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