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March 11, 2022: Steve Jackson's Munchkin Presents Batman Manufacturing Update

Since the Kickstarter campaign (join today!) unlocked all stretch goals on the first day, we were able to provide the factory with the necessary "go!" sign so that they can continue their work.

This will help us to better meet the Kickstarter campaign's estimated delivery date; our experience with shipping and manufacturing delays over the last few years contributed to our decision to keep the stretch goals locked and not add stretch goals as the project reaches the closing date. As we've already mentioned, the Kickstarter backers are getting a bargain on the game and while offering more stretch goals might be fun, it would have a negative impact on our schedule and the project's overall finances.

We'll make sure to share progress reports with the Kickstarter backers as the work moves through the manufacturing and shipping stages. The best way to get these updates over the next few months? Support the Kickstarter project today!

-- Phil Reed

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