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March 23, 2022: Play The New Revolution At FnordCon!

As mentioned in this Daily Illuminator post, we have a new edition of Philip DuBarry's Revolution! in the works. Recently, at the GAMA Trade Show in Reno, we gave several retailers their first chance to try the new edition of this area-control, blind-bidding boardgame. We realize that not everyone had the good fortune to attend that show, so we're bringing the game to our in-person convention, FnordCon, at the end of April.

The game is on our 2022 crowdfunding schedule, but you don't have to wait until late this year or 2023 to play this new Revolution! game. Pre-register for FnordCon, join us in Austin, and you will get your chance to play the game and check out the early prototype we're using until we can get a proper tooling sample from the factory.

-- Phil Reed

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